Free Range Poetry

Moon Blooms

Sunlight, brilliant bright, is staggering to see,
The moonlight, though, is just enough - after all, there's only me.

The sun's reflection like a mirror, so cold and pale and full,
the moon hangs heavy, like the snow. I can't resist its pull.

Out here, the snow is crisp and cold, the night's a starry dance!
My feet are freezing, though, and I wish I'd worn my pants.

The moonlight shining on the snow makes glitter diamond gems
And the shadows of the trees are huge, just branches and bent stems.

The leaves are gone, the trees are bare, as naked as can be -
Something that I never thought I'd have in common with a tree!

Mom and Dad might yell and shout if they saw my empty bed...
"Good night, my love, and stay inside," was the last thing that they said.

Snow angels are just crazy eights while laying on the ground.
They keep me warm while working out, and I don't make a sound.

But I'm chilly now and really should, I guess, get back to bed.
I've heard the cold can make you sleep, and sleep until you're dead.

But all these angels! I've made art! Oh hey - I need to pee.
So before I go I'll sign my name. That way they'll know that it was me.

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