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sal guad begins his day

Sal Guad wakes up angry
writes the poetry of swords
dreams, weary and exhausted
and steps back to the fight.

Sal Guad slays his demons
fighting nightly in his dreamings
never knowing much less caring
what the dreams could mean on waking.

Standing, spent and dead at morning,
knowing breakfast is a daydream
knowing lunch is an illusion
thinking only of the work.

Sal Guad puts his tie on
puts his suit and puts his tie on
puts his shirt and socks and shoes on
and buckles on his sharp katana.

He thinks no one else can see it
touch the hilt, so reassuring,
just to know it’s always waiting
as he wades into the fight.

Grabs his coat and grabs his laptop,
kiss the wife and kiss the baby
time to slay another dragon
and Sal Guad begins his day.

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