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Share Your Thoughts!

Will you let your poetry run free?  Will you join this grand experiement?  Send an email to with your thoughts and a username you’d like to use – and soon you too can uncage those penned up poems for the world.  Comment here and let us all know what you think of the site so far!


  1. doug watson doug watson

    i went in search of a word
    one i could
    positively identify
    as exactly the right word

    perfect from all aspects
    and every otherwise

    the word must have the correct
    to stimulate the vertical cortex
    in the exact manner

    to fire the synapses
    and perhaps bring about
    one particular vision
    into the mind that hears the


    but i went too far
    i missed it
    now the word is lost in
    the infinite sea of wordlessness

    but i know
    somewhere between my burst of birth
    my eternal affair with Mistress Death

    i have at least once
    articulated and
    orally pronounced the


    xmas eve 2016

    (for my friend Jimi)

  2. Rooster Rooster

    Outstanding, my dear Watson! Thank you for joining in the grand experiment, and Happy New Year from a fellow Doug!

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