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fry cook in hell

one fry joint looks pretty much another
they all really sorta look the same
everybody knows you need to work there
but no one seems to need to know your name

the greasy spoon, the diner, and the truck stop
they all attract the self same clientele
they greasy kid, the trucker, and beat cop
the teen-aged temptress with her sales to sell

she walked in and i said, you are an angel
she laughed a throaty laugh and said, do tell
and I’d always kinda known that i had fallen
but I never really guessed how far i fell
that is when i knew i’d found my callin’
that’s how i know i’m dropping fries in Hell

old Scratch has got a fryer full of oil
just waiting to find out which way you roll
and he’s got that sucker up so hot it’s smoking
so he can bite into my battered, breaded soul

i’m cooking here while devils want their munchies
i’m safe as long as the job and tips don’t fail
i smile at the girl, hair back in scrunchies
and pretend that i can’t see her teeth and tail

she tells me that she started as a fry cook
that she worked her way above the ranks from there
that i could do the same just like a boss
but looking in her eyes, i didn’t care
i fell into her gaze and i was lost
such beauty that my soul could never bear
my battered soul reached out for hers, and fell,

deep-fried and golden brown

bobbing in the oil vats

of Hell.


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