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between us

I’ll be your personal poet
You be my reader and voice
No one else ever need know it
We’ll offer no other the choice

I’ll be your personal poet
I’ll write every day just for you
The lines on my face will not show it
We’ll age just one day for each two

I’ll write them in torrents, in floods
In gushers and geysers they’ll come
As trees in the spring with bees on their buds
Sweet honey drips, thrum thrumming hum

I’ll be your personal poet
I’ll follow you into your dark
And when you’re alone, you will know it
I’m waiting to write you a spark

I’ll send you my words as a blanket
You’ll rub them all over for heat
Warm and as safe as blanket
Rhythmic and salty and sweet

Come evenings, in winter and autumn
When the fires and embers have dimmed
Priceless, we couldn’t have bought ‘em
These poems have the seasons all limned

When the last rays of sunshine have fled for the west
Baby that’s when these open, we’ll break out the best!

And I am your poet, your Pan!
In summer and springtime and all
I’ll write ‘em and sing ‘em as best as I can
Just for you, from now ‘til we fall

And when we have fallen in shadow
And age makes a mock of our bones
I’ll write us some light – en fandango
And we’ll dance on each other’s headstones!

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